Step 1: Admin User

Setup your Admin User here.... There are no Password Policies... The password can be anything you like


Step 2: Setup First Extension

All we require is an Extension Number and Name, It can be any length you like.... And if you set it to 3 Characters now... There's no reason it can't be something else later.
There's also Optional Fields, Which let you setup the Email and Mobile Numbers... As well as specify the LoginID and Password. 


Step 3: External Lines

This allows you to setup your External Line details... Details are self explanatory and/or provided by your SIP Provider
If you don't need this, You can't skip it for now... Just put a name in the LineName Field and then you can easily delete it later.


Step 4: Email Settings

This is for use for Alerts and the Voicemail Emails... There is no validation of this data currently... This will change in future versions... 


Step 5: System Settings

There is just a couple of settings here, Really simple things, We'll explain them further in the future


Step 6: Registration

This just gives us the details we need to be able to tie your feedback to your email later on... So that we can better respond to any questions or comments you have. We have no intention of Spamming anyone, But if we do notice Abnormal behaviour in your system... We would contact you.